Michael Prevoznik, Class of 2012 

The MAcc program helped me focus my career goals and prepare me for my future as a public accountant. I began my career as an Assurance Associate in the Asset Management practice at PwC in Philadelphia, PA. I am now finishing up my fifth year with PwC and am currently a Senior Associate in the firm’s Asset and Wealth Management group in Boston. Read an interview with Mike on GSB News.


Melanie Leicht, Class of 2019

I am from Burlington, Vermont. I graduated magna cum laude from UVM with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a concentration in Accounting. In my senior year of undergraduate, I enrolled in the MAcc program and completed two classes as an accelerated student. I also held two audit internships, one in internal audit and the other in external audit, prior to starting the program. Once enrolled full time, I studied a variety of material that deepened my accounting knowledge and laid the foundation for me to pass the CPA exam. In the fall following my graduation from the MAcc program, I began employment at Gallagher, Flynn & Company in its Entrepreneurial Business Solutions Group department. I am delighted to apply what I have learned from the program to this new role in business advisory, and I am grateful to the many professors and peers in my cohort who were a source of encouragement along the way.


Amanda Swim, Class of 2018

I am from St. Albans, Vermont. I graduated from UVM in May 2017 with a B.S. in Business Administration with concentrations in accounting and entrepreneurship, and a minor in economics. During my senior year I was an audit intern at KPMG in the Colchester office. The summer before starting the MAcc program I was an intern at Johnson Lambert in the Burlington office, working with their tax team. The MAcc program has assisted in developing my skills for a transition into a new accounting career, and has given me the knowledge and confidence to study for the CPA exams. This program has awarded me with the opportunity to learn from incredibly knowledgable accounting professors, and also gave me the opportunity to form great professional connections and wonderful friendships. In the fall following graduation, I will be joining Johnson Lambert in the Burlington office as an audit associate.


Jenna Waite, Class of 2017

I am from Georgia, Vermont. I graduated from UVM with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting and Finance and a minor in Biology in 2016. As a senior undergraduate I interned at McSoley McCoy & Co. where I worked in the audit department. Based on the courses taken as an undergrad and the opportunity I saw with the MAcc Program at UVM, I began the program my second semester senior year as an accelerated MAcc student. This allowed me to continue my internship during the one year MAcc program because I was able to take two classes prior to the fall of 2017. The program has both prepared me for the CPA exam as well as given me the knowledge and skills that will help me throughout my career. After graduation, I will be continuing on at McSoley McCoy & Co. as an audit staff member.


Austin Hughes, Class of 2017

I’m from Richmond, Vermont. I graduated from UVM in 2015 with a degree in Biology. After taking a year off to work and take pre-requisites, I joined the MAcc program to facilitate my switch from biology to accounting. The program has helped me prepare for the world of public accounting and the CPA exam. Thanks to the program I was also able to get a job about a month after I started! After the program, I’ll be moving down to Boston to start my new life as an auditor at RSM.


Hannah Averill, Class of 2017

I am from Georgia, Vermont. I earned a B.S. in Business Administration with concentrations in accounting and marketing from UVM in May of 2016. While enrolled, I had the opportunity to intern at Keurig Green Mountain in Williston and PwC in Montpelier. Through my valuable experiences, I gained during my internships and through coursework, I decided that a career in accounting was the right fit for me. I entered the MAcc program during my senior year as an accelerated student. I plan to sit for the CPA exams over the summer before I begin work as a first-year audit associate at PwC in Denver, CO. I am very excited to start my adventure out west and begin a career in accounting while being close to the mountains.


Mike Schreiner, Class of 2017

I am from St. Albans, Vermont. I graduated from St. Michael’s College in 2016 where I majored in accounting, minored in business, and was part of the Men’s Ice Hockey team. During my last semester at St. Michael’s I was an intern at Johnson Lambert in the Burlington office. I was also an intern in the KPMG Boston office the summer before the MAcc program began. The year I have spent in the MAcc program has truly been a great experience. I have learned so much thanks to the amazing faculty and classmates I had at UVM. Not only have I gained knowledge and skills in accounting that I will apply in the future, but I have made lasting relationships with many of my classmates. After graduation, I will be moving to Boston and working at KPMG as a federal tax associate in the fall of 2017.


Brian Cuseo, Class of 2017

I joined the MAcc program after completing the pre-requisites to change careers from social work. After eight years working with children, families and former refugees, I learned bookkeeping and joined my friend’s company here in Burlington. The MAcc program’s one-year structure and strong presence with fall job recruitment allowed me to change careers to public accounting more quickly than I thought. I am excited to combine my former career experience with what I’ve learned in the program. I have found that public accounting is similar to social work in that we’re guiding clients through a complex tax system and hopefully, easing their anxiety. This fall, after studying for the CPA exam and completing many deferred home projects, I will be joining the team at Bilodeau, Wells & Co. in Essex Junction, providing tax and advisory services to businesses in the region.


Jack Trottier, Class of 2016

I am from South Burlington, Vermont and graduated from the UVM in 2015 with a degree in Business Administration. Over the course of my four years of undergrad, I got to know the professors at UVM very well, and their dedication and teaching ability made my decision to stay for the MAcc program easy. I have already learned so much in the MAcc program, not just about accounting, but about how to be a business professional. I have been working for Grant Thornton in Boston since 2016 as an audit associate. I have passed all four sections of the CPA exam.



Frank Cicchetti, Class of 2016

A Burlington resident, I graduated from the UVM in 2012 with a B.S. in Business Administration in Productions and Operations Management and a minor in Statistics.  After working as an analyst in the field of commercial banking, I decided to redirect my career to public accounting, and knew the MAcc was the best way to do that.  The terrific accounting faculty and challenging and thought provoking coursework have undoubtedly prepared me for my internships, and helped me secure my employment for the future.  I am now working in Financial Services Tax for PwC in Boston with a mix of traditional and alternative investment clients.


Ben Medor, Class of 2016

I graduated from UVM with a Bachelors in Business Administration with concentrations in finance and accounting and minors in economics and statistics in 2015.  Before interning and accepting a job with KPMG in Vermont, I interned with Vermont Gas.  I chose the UVM MAcc program because it was an easy step from my undergraduate career at UVM.  I already knew most of the professors and had a strong understanding of how classes would be structured and how I would be evaluated.  I also participated in the Accelerated part of the MAcc program allowing me to take three classes during my undergraduate studies that counted towards the MAcc program. This saved me time and money.  I believe that the MAcc program has helped me prepare for the CPA exams as well as the professional world. I am coming up on one year as a KPMG audit associate.


Tom Orner, Class of 2015

My name is Tom Orner. I graduated from UVM with a business degree in finance and accounting, and a minor in mathematics. My prior work experience includes general ledger accounting for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, as well as an auditing internship with KPMG in Colchester, VT. I am now employed at KPMG in Vermont as a first year audit associate. I passed all four parts of the CPA exam by November after graduation.


Zachary Pion, Class of 2015

I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Vermont in 2014, and returned to UVM for the MAcc knowing I would work toward an advanced degree with faculty who genuinely care about their students and their future success. In addition to leadership opportunities, I completed several internships throughout my collegiate career in a variety of fields, including Public Relations, Commercial Banking, and Auditing with a Big 4 Public Accounting Firm. UVM gave me a great footing from which to launch my career. I have been working for KPMG in Atlanta since 2015 and will be a senior audit associate in July of 2017. I passed the fourth part of the CPA exam the November after graduation.


Mari Zagarins, Class of 2015

My name is Mari Zagarins and I graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2004 with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Economics. From there, I taught high school math for several years, worked as a freelance writer, and eventually came to Vermont to work as Director of Membership at a local nonprofit. The financial aspects of my job there piqued my interest in accounting, and I began to take intro- and intermediate-level accounting courses in my spare time. Once I learned about the MAcc program and all of the support it provides students to find jobs and become licensed as CPAs, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I have worked as a member of the audit team at Gallagher, Flynn and Company in South Burlington since the fall of 2015. This summer I'm in the process of transitioning over to the Entrepreneurial Business Solutions (EBS) department at Gallagher Flynn, where I'll be focusing on reviews, tax preparation, and advisory services for owner-managed businesses. I've enjoyed my two busy years so far at Gallagher Flynn and I'm looking forward to learning a new set of skills at the same company!  Mari was a recipient of the prestigious AICPA John L. Carey Scholarship in 2014.


2015 MAcc Grads Participated in the Family Enterprise Case CompetitionMAcc FECC

Fom left to right, MAcc graduate students Tom Orner, Bill Hennessey, and Brian Slevin pose for a picture with their coach, Anne Doremus, of Hanson & Doremus Investment, during the Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC) held January 2014 in Burlington Vermont. They were the first UVM team to compete in the graduate division of the competition.





Alex Duchesneau, Class of 2014

I am originally from Milton, Vermont, but live in Charlotte, North Carolina now. I graduated from the MAcc program in 2014 and started a career with PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Assurance practice out of the Montpelier, Vermont office. After making Senior Associate, I transitioned from the Assurance practice to an Advisory role in financial services with a national group within PwC called the Consumer Finance Group. After becoming a manager in the practice, I decided to move on from Big Four life and joined Wells Fargo in an internal strategy role. The UVM MAcc program, specifically, has helped set me up for success throughout each of the phases of my career. The program takes a unique approach to accountancy because the focus is not just on 'passing an exam,' but the emphasis is on building out a true professional. Advanced Accounting certainly helped me pass the CPA exam and deliver quality in the assurance practice, but the presentations required in both the Capstone and Professional Communication courses have truly set me up for success as I navigate away from work paper preparation and toward presentation of content. Although it's been 6 years since I graduated, the foundation set by the MAcc program and the great professors has stayed with me and will continue to stay with me throughout my career.

Can’t believe I’ve been out of the MAcc program for 6 years...seems like it was yesterday. It definitely set me up for success with PwC and beyond.




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