Are you looking to host an event on campus? Please use the following steps to ensure that space and resources are available for your event, be it a guest speaker, a conference, a lunch, or any other type of event.

  1. Check if the space you'd like to use is available on Virtual EMS.
    1. To find space, click the above link, then click "Locations" of the left hand menu.
    2. Click "Add/Remove Locations" to view a specific building.
    3. Click the "Date" dropdown to select the date of your event.
    4. Now you will see all of the rooms in the selected building and their availability.
  2. Once you have identified a space, email Linda Kruger the event details including the room, date & time, and any other special needs. Linda will then confirm the space.
  3. Upon final space confirmation from Linda, please fill out and submit the Event Request Form by clicking "Add New Item" in the top right.
    1. For a Virtual Event, please follow the same instructions but fill out and submit the Virtual Event Request Form.