The 1st Family Enterprise Case Competition brought together a global contingency of students, coaches, academics, owners and judges. The end result is reflected in the comments from some of our over 200 particpants.

Feedback from the 2013 Family Enterprise Case Competition


"All went A-Ok. Thanks for a most fun experience and ‘Big Bravo’ on a huge success!” - John Ward, Kellogg School, Northwestern University

“I had a WONDERFUL time! Count me in for next year...." - John Hall, CEO, Rachael Ray Inc.

“My most sincere congratulations for a creative and unique initiative! What a success!!! It was a pleasure being part of it... Please, keep bringing magic and love to the field of family business research & education.” - Pascale Michaud, President, Business Families Foundation

“Congratulations! An amazing weekend. You hit the ball out of the park.” - Steve Ifshin, Chairman, DLC Management Corp., NY

“Congratulations to all on a great inaugural event. Thank you for allowing me to participate.I look forward to meeting you all again soon.” - Cindy Lombardo, Lombardo’s

“What a wonderful event for the school and all the participants. I was honored to be a judge.” - Whit Wagner, Clearbrook Advisors

“What a great event and thanks to all at UVM for your efforts. Please keep us in mind for next year and best of luck with the upcoming semester.” - Anne W. Doremus, CFA, Vice President, Hanson & Doremus Investment Management, Inc.

"Way to go, all! It was a fun and well-organized event. It’s great to see UVM hosting on a ‘global’ scale!” - Jon Pizzagalli, Pizzagalli Construction

“What a privilege to be part of this experience! Thank you so much for the opportunity. More important, thanks for the work you are doing that makes UVM such a great university.” - Molly Lambert, State Director, United States Department of Agriculture, VT/NH

“It was a pleasure to participate! I learned some things. I met some great students, judges, UVM folks! Thanks for including me! You organizers did a superb job!” - David Boehm, Engineering Ventures, VT



"The FECC was extremely professional and well organized. From the pre-arrival case to the final evening activities, everything ran like clockwork. We were all very impressed by the thought and effort put in to the entire competition. Congratulations to UVM on a job well done! The teams had a lot of fun. Even though it officially was a competition, there were a lot of social activities such as attending the hockey game, which really allowed students to interact, get to know each other, and understand how family businesses work in different parts of the world. The global aspect was important - not just because family businesses are important around the world - but for helping students acquire more international exposure and cultural differences. I'm very happy that something like this has been created.There are many students who are from family businesses. The FECC helps to better prepare students to work in - and potential takeover - their family business is an important part of the education. Most business programs don't fully treat sensitive interpersonal family issues. Having the students develops strategies and implementation plans that take into consideration the needs of both the business and the family will have a lasting impact on these students' future.” - Alex McKelvie, Syracuse University

“Behind a great result, there is a great team. Many greetings to all UVM FECC! I think we've all the team left a part at FECC UVM, but overall we took a great experience that marked the lives of our students, forever. Only say Congratulations! And THANK YOU.” - Claudio Muller, University of Chile

“It was a pleasure to be there. The logistics were methodical, the cases were solid, the judges asked great questions, and we were treated very well and made to feel at home. In addition, Pramodita Sharma, who initiated this effort, tapped into her contacts, and there was representation from all over the world. Amazing for a first try!” - Mark Haber, JMSB, Concordia University, Canada

“I just wanted to tell you again how much we all enjoyed this past week's competition. It was certainly a great learning experience for all. Congratulations to you and the planning committee on a wonderful job. I also wanted to let you know how impressed Iwas with how gracious, generous and kind you all were... you went above and beyond to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves. In addition, you provided us with an international experience and it was wonderful to meet everyone from around the world.” - Stacy Campbell, Kennesaw State University

“On behalf of Stacy and my team, we would like to heartily thank you and your amazing Team for the wonderful experience we had in the past days spent at UVM.Rita Levi Montalcini was used to say that: “rare are the people who use their minds.few those who use the heart.Unique are those who use both" With no exception your Team has proven to be truly unique!You all have been able to welcome us in an extremely professional way, yet warm and caring.All the details have been planned in a very thorough way,and executed with gracious harmony,offering a beautiful example of effective team effort! It has been a great pleasure to be able to join you and the other Teams attending. A great idea, an outstanding execution, and great people!Your Organizing Team is the true winner of the week! A wonderful experience for us, something I am sure you all can be very proud of. Look forward to the next edition!” - Gaia Marchisio, Kennesaw State University

“I want to thank for the FECC. Everything was amazing and perfect. The organization exceeded the expectations that were already high. I could sense an amazing competitive environment that is a characteristic of serious and professional institutions. Tomorrow is the graduation ceremony at UP and today I returned to Guadalajara. I would have stayed, but I couldn't. Sorry I did not say this in person. Tonight we will find out which teams will compete for the final round. Despite the result of UP team, we are very satisfied with the event and preparing the strategy for next year. Our students grew in just three days!” - Héctor X. Ramírez Pérez, PanAmericana University, Mexico

“On behalf of ESADE, our team members (Joan, Banele, Gloriann, Filippo) and myself, I want to thank you for having had the idea and energy to develop the first Family Business Case Competition. The organization has been excellent and the collegial learning and networking opportunity extraordinary. You can be very proud of what you have been able to create, and we are proud of having been part of this. As you can imagine, we are very, very happy to have been so successful. This has been the last, or almost the last academic activity for our team members, so that it cannot have been more enjoyable. See you all no longer than in one year, with ourgratitude, our warmest regards to all of you.” - Alberto Gimeno, ESADE Business School, Spain

“Thank you for a great competition. You should be very proud of the results of what I know was a year of very hard work by a large group of support workers. Please pass on to them my very sincere appreciation of all their work.Fantastic event. I hope to see you again in 2014!” - John Young, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


OTHER COMMENTS                               

“It was an incredible experience and I very much enjoyed meeting you as well. I fell in love with the area and the people so much so that it convinced me to include Burlington in my job search.” - Gloriann Lopez, ESADE team member, ESADE Business School, Spain

"Thanks for an amazing competition UVM! Well organized and ran so smoothly, it was an unforgettable experience and a great time!" - Mallory McKewen, Wilfrid Laurier team member

“You have pulled off an amazing event! I know others have been involved, but I want to express my absolute delight in what you have done for our School. I truly believe that this case competition has set our School on a trajectory that will put us on the map. I have been at UVM for 30 years. I have always believed that we were exceptional, but there was no one telling our story. This event, along with all the other activities taking place at the School, excites and inspires me. I am so grateful for your hard work.” -Jiim Sinkula, Professor, School of Business Administration, University of Vermont

“I wanted to congratulate you on the wonderful article in the Free Press.What an exciting and meaningful learning experience you provided for the international students! I was most impressed. Outstanding!” - Patty Prelock, Dean, UVM College of Nursing and Health Sciences

“I read the article on-line today about the Family Enterprise Case Competition. What a wonderful opportunity for your students and all those participating. We know all too well the benefits and challenges of the family business as it is the way of life for many here in Vermont. Succession planning for the Professional family business adds another layer with the degree requirements especially in the medical and dental fields.” - Katharine H. Bosley, People’s United Bank

“Many congratulations for this amazing initiative that several scholars are speaking about as something new and really very successful! Last year, due to the bad situation of the Italian public university system, we could not find a budget to attend. I am moving around to find an opportunity to attend next year.” - Alfredo de Massis, University of Bergamo, Italy

“Congratulations on the Family Enterprise Case Competition! This will contribute greatly to the profile of the field in the global community of business schools.” - Jess Chua, University of Calgary, Canada & Zhejiang University, China

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday. Personally, I was blown away by the competition, from the team of volunteers, to the competitors and of course the organizing committee. The level of dedication needed to pull an event of this magnitude off is enormous and you have done an excellent job. We are so very grateful that we can humbly contribute to the success of this inaugural competition.” - Thomas Clark, Business Families Foundation, Canada

“A coach said to me: ‘You won't notice it immediately, but when you come home, you'll be a different person.’ I have to agree with him.” - Annonymous