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    Promoting sustainable, practical, and informative assessment practices at UVM

Assessment of student learning outcomes occurs across the university and at all levels, from individual courses, to degree programs and university-wide requirements, but until now there has been no organized system to promote and support assessment at UVM.

The goal of the UVM Assessment Initiative is to create structures and processes to help colleges and schools, departments, programs and General Education committees clarify learning outcomes, identify relevant assessment questions, gather data and use those data to improve the UVM educational experience. By promoting sustainable, practical, and informative assessment practices, the Provost’s office seeks to foster campus-wide conversations that help us fulfill our educational mission.

History of the Initiative

Launched in 2015, the goal of this initiative is to create sustainable systems of assessment for the student learning outcomes that faculty have decided are most critical to a UVM education: the General Education requirements and the key outcomes of the academic programs. Building this system requires us to gather useful information on students’ performance and use it to inform curricular and pedagogical revision. Assessment done well tells us what we need to work on in our academic programs and in General Education.

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The purpose of this website is to provide support, resources, and information about the Assessment Initiative. Questions about the Assessment initiative can be sent to assess@uvm.edu.

Assessment Leadership

J. Dickinson, Vice Provost for
Academic Affairs and Student Success

Anil Lalwani, Office of Institutional Research
Post Doc Fellow for Assessment