Interior of a UVM research lab

Schedule: TBD
Project Manager: Katherine Coffey
Architect: Black River Design
Pre-Construction Services:


The Larner College of Medicine currently occupies the entire Given Building.  The Department of Psychology currently occupies the entire Dewey Hall.  The objective of this project is to construct approximately 60,000 gross square feet (35,000 net assignable square feet) of new laboratory research space adjacent to the Health Science Research Facility (HSRF) and move an equivalent amount of space from the Given Building into the new structure.  Following this relocation to the new facility, the renovation of the Given Building will include those functions remaining from the Larner College of Medicine and the relocation of the faculty and staff in the Department of Psychology.

In accordance with the University of Vermont's "Environmental Design in New and Renovated Buildings" policy, the project is being designed, at minimum, to meet LEED Silver Level criteria.