Building agroecology with people. Challenges of participatory methods to deepen on the agroecological transition in different contexts

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Agroecological transformations in urban contexts: transdisciplinary research frameworks and participatory approaches in Burlington, Vermont

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Awareness of climate change’s impacts and motivation to adapt are not enough to drive action: A look of Puerto Rican farmers after Hurricane Maria

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Amplifying Agroecology in Vermont: Principles and Processes to Foster Food Systems Sustainability

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Recommended citation: Caswell, M., R. Maden, N. McCune, V.E. Méndez, G. Bucini, J. Anderzén, V. Izzo, S.E. Hurley, R.K. Gould, J. Faulkner & M.A. Juncos-Gautier (2021) Amplifying Agroecology in Vermont: Principles and Processes to Foster Food Systems Sustainability. White Paper. Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative. University of Vermont: Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A.

The evolving landscape of agroecological research

Mason R., A. White, G. Bucini, J. Anderzén, V.E. Méndez & S.C. Merrill | Download Attachment

Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems 45: in press