The Stories Behind the Certification: Perspectives from Fair Trade Coffee Producers. Policy Brief #2.

Caswell, M., and J. Anderzén. | Download Attachment

Caswell, M., and J. Anderzén. 2018. Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC), University of Vermont. *PDF features English and Spanish version

Agroecología e Investigación-Acción Participativa (IAP): Principios y Lecciones de Centroamérica

V. Ernesto Méndez, Martha Caswell, Stephen R. Gliessman, Rose Cohen & Heather Putnam | July 10, 2019 | Download Attachment

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Integrating agroecology and participatory action research (PAR): principles and characteristics

V. Ernesto Méndez, Martha Caswell, Stephen R. Gliessman & Rose Cohen | August 16, 2018 | Download Attachment

Cadernos de Agroecologia 13 (1) Anais do VI Congresso Latino-americano de Agroecologia; X Congresso Brasileiro de Agroecologia; V Seminário de Agroecologia do Distrito Federal e Entorno; 12 a 15 de setembro de 2017, Brasília/DF

Subsistence under the canopy: Agrobiodiversity’s contributions to food and nutrition security amongst coffee communities in Chiapas, Mexico

Margarita Fernandez and V. Ernesto Méndez | November 15, 2018 | Download Attachment

Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems:1-23. DOI: 10.1080/21683565.2018.1530326.

Use and perceptions of alternative economic activities among smallholder coffee farmers in Huehuetenango and El Quiché departments in Guatemala

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Report of the 2017-2018 New England Adaptation Survey for Vegetable and Fruit Growers

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Department of Plant and Soil Science, University of Vermont. Burlington, VT. Download:

Origin of Pest Lineages of the Colorado Potato Beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae).

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Agroecology in Canada: Towards an integration of agroecological practice, movement, and science

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Harnessing local strength for sustainable coffee value chains in India and Nicaragua: reevaluating certification to global sustainability standards

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A mixed methods approach to understanding farmer and technical service provider perceptions of climate change and adaptation in Vermont, United States

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