Certificate of Graduate Study in Agroecology

Certificate of Graduate Study in Agroecology (CGSA)

The ALC is excited to announce the launch of a new UVM-accredited Certificate of Graduate Study in Agroecology (CGSA). These types of programs are being increasingly recognized as an effective learning option for working professionals and/or graduate students to gain deeper knowledge and credentials in a particular field or discipline.  Our low-residency program is composed of 1 hybrid course, which includes both face-to-face and online delivery, and 4 online courses. The goal of the CGSA is to provide participants with graduate-level, conceptual and applied knowledge in agroecology. More specifically, it is a response to an increasing demand for a deeper curriculum that focuses on all dimensions of agroecology, including its expressions as science, social movement and practice. The curriculum of the CGSA fully encompasses the ALC vision of agroecology as a transdisciplinary, participatory and action-oriented approach.  This year, the 18th International Agroecology Shortcourse will count as the introductory hybrid course of the certificate. Participants interested in taking the course to count for the certificate will have to register for credit. The CGSA and the courses that compose it are further described in the brochure below.