Prospective Students

Information for Prospective Students and Researchers

Thank you for your interest in joining the Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC).

The current funding climate for student, postdoctoral and other research positions is limited and at a premium. Graduate student and postdoctoral positions with funding will be announced on this website as part of a competitive process. Prospective students or researchers who are self-funded may approach us at any time. For graduate students, we do not advice enrollment without full funding in place. Under special circumstances we are willing to support selected students who are pursuing their own grants as leads, but this is not the norm and needs to be vetted in advance by the ALC.

The number of students and researchers who are interested in joining the group has increased exponentially in the last 5 years, which has made the process very competitive. We require students to be clear in their motives about their research interests and professional goals. Students who find success in our group are those who have initiative and work independently, but who are also committed team players. In terms of approach and focus, our group is committed to working on agroecology and food systems through transdisciplinary and Participatory Action Research (PAR) approaches (please read the representative publication below). Hence, we expect that prospective students or researchers are drawn and interested in applying this particular perspective to their work, and clear as to the challenges associated with its application.

The road to a graduate degree can be very fulfilling, but it is also very challenging. It is good to remember that successfully completing a graduate program requires persistence, determination, high motivation and a vision for the future. In order to gauge your interest in our group, we request that you review the representative publication below before contact. It is also advisable to look over our “People” page to see if any of our current graduate students, alumni, and/or associates have complementary interests and/or expertise, and can field any preliminary questions.

If you are interested in joining the ALC, please remember to read the publication below and fill out the “Contact Us” form. Currently open positions are listed below.

Currently Open Positions (updated April, 2017)

There are currently no funded open positions for graduate students, postdoctoral or staff researchers at this time. Please check our site frequently for updates.

Representative Publication

Méndez, V.E., C.M. Bacon and R. Cohen (2016) Introduction: agroecology as a transdisciplinary, participatory and action-oriented approach. In V.E. Méndez, C.M. Bacon, R. Cohen & S.R. Gliessman (eds) Agroecology: a transdisciplinary, participatory and action-oriented approach. Advances in Agroecology Series. CRC Press/Taylor and Francis. pdf