Northern New England Adaptation Survey

193 farmers across New England participated in the survey between November 2017-April 2018.  A report based on the results was published in October of  2018, followed by a listening tour through the spring of 2019- a series of focus groups where farmers identify the kinds of support they need to adapt to increasingly extreme weather conditions.

Principal Investigator (PI):  Alissa White, Graduate Student, Department of Plant & Soil Science, UVM

Faculty Sponsors: V. Ernesto Mendez & Joshua Faulkner

Funders:  Northeast SARE & USDA Northeast Climate Hub

Farmers are invited to take part in this research study because you have experience farming in the northeastern US. This study is being conducted by Alissa White, a graduate student at the University of Vermont, with guidance from Dr. V. Ernesto Mendez and Dr. Joshua Faulkner


The purpose of this study is to generate usable information for farmers about adapting to the impacts of climate change, and is based on the idea that many farmers are actively and successfully adapting to severe weather to sustain the economic viability and ecological health of their farms. The study will draw upon the experience and knowledge of vegetable and berry growers across four states in northern New England to identify adaptive management practices already in use on farms in the region, and identify innovative strategies that are emerging to manage for increased incidence of drought and extreme precipitation.  This study is designed to facilitate farmer-to-farmer learning across networks within the region, which will support and inform planning for extreme weather.