Practical Techniques to Optimize Employee Performance

February 23, Noon-1:30 pm ET

In this session, we'll explore effective communication practices that share expectations and provide feedback to employees all season long. You’ll have a chance to think about how to ensure your farm’s values are reflected in your employee relationships. We will also talk through communication practices to improve employee performance on your farm. 

We will introduce interactive tools on the Farm Labor Dashboard that can help you develop written materials supporting this human resource management. Farm policy manuals are effective tools to establish consistent expectations with employees, support supervision and help your farm to be in legal compliance.

Note: This is an active learning session where we’ll talk through several employee management topics, share personal experiences, and work together to develop tangible outcomes.

Prior to the workshop you will receive advance materials to review  -- brief video clips and/or short articles -- that will set the stage for discussion and learning during the session. Following the session, there will be opportunities to for follow-up and feedback from session facilitators. 

Facilitators:  Jesse Wright and Seth Wilner, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.

Fees & Registration: Advance registration is required. Thanks to grant support, the workshop is offered free of charge to participants.

Workshop Registration


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