Growing Successful Work Teams

Any business has a mix of personality types to manage. In this two-part, small-group workshop, we will use the DiSC Workplace Profile, to help you identify your unique communication and management preferences and explore ways that your preferences impact how you hire and retain employees. The DiSC model provides a common language people can use to better understand themselves and those they interact with. We can use this knowledge to reduce conflict and improve working relationships.

Participants will complete the online DiSC Workplace Profile and will receive their personalized report before the first session. In the first session (week one) we will review our personal workplace profiles and what they can tell us about the opportunities and challenges of hiring, training and retaining employees.

In the second session, we will discuss strategies farm operators and managers can use to better communicate and manage employees, customers, and family members who may, or may not, share your work style preferences. Each  session will focus on practical ways you can use what you’ve learned to build a more successful crew for the coming season. 

Instructor: Mary Peabody, UVM Extension Professor Emeritus, Community & Economic Development

The Growing Successful Work Teams two-part workshop will be again in August and December 2023, dates and times TBD.

Fees & Registration

Fee: $35.
There is a $35 participant fee for this workshop to help pay for the DiSC Workplace Profile. The Farm Labor Dashboard project is subsidizing the balance (approximately 60%) of the actual profile cost. After you register, we will send information about how to pay and complete enrollment in the workshop.

Advance registration is required. Because participants need to complete a self-assessment prior to the workshop, registration for each section of the workshop will close three business days before the first session.

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