Coaching Farmers on Payroll Planning

Educator/Service Provider Training

Date: January 10, Noon-1 pm ET 

Farm educators and service providers are invited to join this session to learn how to use simple tools that help farmers calculate the complete cost of hired workers and develop a financial plan to help ensure they will have resources on hand to meet payroll needs. The workshop will feature the Farm Labor Dashboard's “Employee Cost Estimator'' tool which reveals complete staffing costs, including payroll taxes, workers compensation and any benefits offered beyond regular hourly wages. Participants will also learn how to plan effectvely for payroll in the context of a cash flow budget. We will also introduce methods to track labor inputs on diversified farms so that farmers can make strategic decisions about where efficiency might be gained through better management, training, or where to invest in tools and equipment to get the most out of a work crew. Webinar participants will have access to a follow-up "office hours'' session on Friday, January 13 from noon to 1:30 pm to ask questions and get focused advice.

Presenter: John Hendrickson, University of Wisconsin Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems and former vegetable farmer. 

Fees & Registration: Advance registration is required. Thanks to grant support, the workshop is offered free of charge to participants.

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