Update on Monday's Activities from Gary Derr, VP for Executive Operations

Office of the Vice President
for Executive Operations
February 26, 2018

Dear Members of the University of Vermont Community,

A brief update on today's activities on our campus:

President Tom Sullivan held two meetings with students representing the NoNames for Justice group. The meetings largely involved good, constructive discussions. We welcome continued dialogue with the group's representatives.

Unfortunately, throughout the afternoon and evening, a large group of students chose to disrupt the operations of the University in several buildings including disruption of classes, exams, business operations, and other important functions and campus events.

We regret the significant disruption to the campus. We are prepared to take all appropriate disciplinary and legal steps to address the situation should it continue. 

The University remains committed to further dialogue and ongoing progress on the issues, as evidenced by the meetings today.  UVM's primary academic mission must continue uninterrupted.

Gary Derr
Vice President for Executive Operations


Krista Lynn Malaney