As mentioned in the previous Summary of Updates dated 12/21/17, the University of Vermont’s efforts to become a more diverse, inclusive, and multiculturally competent campus are continuing.  In response to the list of ten student concerns presented to senior leadership in 2017, the University has continued to proactively respond to each concern supportive of a more diverse and inclusive campus community. The following is a brief summary highlighting the most recent updates that have occurred. 

1.      Diversity Training

Substantial Progress Toward Completion.

Deans and Vice Presidents have started to implement their plans at the college and division levels, including efforts to expand diversity and inclusion trainings for faculty, staff, and students.  Furthermore, in an effort to engage with more diverse student voices, colleges have increased opportunities for interested students to serve on committees within their colleges to ensure inclusive and broad perspectives around diversity matters and training opportunities and development. 

2. Hire faculty of color

Substantial Steps Taken.

The Division of Human Resources, Diversity, and Multicultural Affairs (HRDMA) has developed a Recruitment Guidelines Handbook to assist search committees in affirmative recruitment, hiring, and retention. This guidebook is in the final stages of review and is set for publication in 2018.  

3.  D1/D2 Courses

Substantial Progress Toward Completion.

Based on information from an extensive survey in coordination with the Center for Teaching and Learning, planning has started for a Spring workshop tailored to the faculty's needs in order to improve the courses. In addition, the Faculty Senate continues to assess D1 and D2 courses. The Senate’s work includes subcommittees that are overseeing the current and next steps of the assessment process.  The Diversity Curriculum Review Committee (DCRC) in collaboration with the Student Government Association (SGA) now has a student member currently serving on the committee.   

4.  Qualified professors

Substantial Progress Toward Completion.

In the recruitment, hiring, and advancement of faculty, new policies and protocols are being put into place to ensure a commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

5. Hate Crimes labeled as such

Substantial Steps Taken to Address the Broader Issue.

Discussions and education on the University's policies and enforcement regarding hate speech, hate crimes and harassment, and other bias including micro aggressions continues. Student Affairs, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (AA/EEO), and Professional Development and Training (PDT) have offered, and continue to offer, multiple trainings for students, faculty, and staff to address these sensitive issues.

6.  Fraternity and Sorority Life mandatory training


Mandatory education and training are required for fraternities and sororities and will continue. 

7.  Student to be expelled


This case was adjudicated and is now closed.

8.  Funding


The Student Government Association (SGA) has agreed to increase funding for approved student clubs and identity centers, including ALANA associated organizations as well as implement mandatory training for SGA members. The Finance Committee has modified its supplemental policy and increased training to address the needs of specific organizations to adhere to a policy of equity.

9.  Donations to ALANA-based organizations.


The UVM Foundation website has been updated to present diversity giving as a top-line priority. The online giving function is now connected with the identity centers (Interfaith Center, LGBTQA Center, Mosaic Center for Students of Color, and the Women's Center) to establish direct online giving. 

10.  Naming Buildings

Substantial Progress Toward Completion.

The University has made substantial progress toward the development of appropriate criteria and principles to be applied, as well as a process to review requests for renaming buildings.

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Krista Lynn Malaney