December 21, 2017

The University of Vermont’s efforts to become a more diverse, inclusive, and multiculturally competent campus are ongoing.  Over the past semester, senior leadership was presented with a list of ten student concerns.  We are pleased to report that in addition to the good work already being done around diversity and inclusive excellence, additional progress is being made. 

The following is a brief summary highlighting updates that have occurred over the past year. 

  1. Diversity Training
    All staff receive professional development training specific to diversity and inclusion in the new employee staff orientation.  There is also a presentation at new faculty orientation regarding mandatory reporting obligations and diversity.  In addition, all Deans have agreed to provide professional development opportunities throughout the colleges and schools for their faculty regarding diversity, inclusion, and cultural competencies.

  2. Hire faculty of color
    Currently, UVM’s percentage of faculty of color on tenure-track equals the percentage of student of color on campus. 

  3. D1/D2 Courses
    The Faculty Senate, which has authority of the curriculum, has had under review since spring of 2017 for assessment of the D1 and D2 courses.  The Senate’s work includes subcommittees that are overseeing the current and next steps of the assessment process.  Student are being invited to join the review committees as members.  Progress continues to be made in this area of concern.

  4. Qualified professors
    In the recruitment, hiring, and advancement of faculty, new policies and protocols are being put into place to ensure a commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

  5. Hate Crimes labeled as such
    Numerous and broad discussions have taken place on campus to educate the community on policy and enforcement regarding hate speech, hate crimes and harassment, and other bias including micro aggressions. 

  6. Fraternity and Sorority Life mandatory training
    Mandatory education and training are required for fraternities and sororities. 

  7. Student to be expelled
    The campus community has been informed of the University’s sanctioning process and procedures for conduct violations regarding the Black Lives Matter flag theft case.  This matter has been concluded.

  8. Funding
    The Student Government Association (SGA) has agreed to increase funding for approved student clubs and identity centers, including ALANA associated organizations as well as implement mandatory training for SGA members.

  9. Donations to ALANA-based organizations
    The UVM Foundation has enhanced its communication and advertisement to alumni and donors to bring attention to specific giving opportunities, including the identity centers and students of color organizations and clubs. 

  10. Naming Buildings
    The University is developing criteria and principles for a process to review requests for renaming buildings. 




Krista Lynn Malaney