September 25, 2017

To:       UVM Community
From:  Tom Sullivan
Date:   September 25, 2017
Re:      Student Concerns

Today, I received a list of concerns from a group of students engaged in issues around racial equality and social justice.

There is much on which we agree.  The University of Vermont strives to be a safe, diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment in which all members of our community can thrive. Racial and social justice are foundational values of UVM.

We will be reviewing the information that has been shared, and we are creating immediate opportunities for further engagement and dialogue.  To that end, I have invited a group of student representatives to meet with me in the next two days, joined by several other key UVM administrative leaders.  Our goal is to reach an understanding of the concerns received today, as well as identifying a path forward that assures progress.  

We will continue to listen to, and work closely with, members of the University community to evolve and improve racial equality and our extensive diversity and inclusion resources and initiatives.


Krista Lynn Malaney