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Graduating within four years, CNN Money says, is key to keeping the cost of college down. A new ranking published by the financial advice website lists the top 25 public colleges with the best track record at graduating students on time. UVM is 22nd on the list.

While only one-third of public college students earn their degrees in four years, 65 percent of UVM students graduate in that timeframe.

What’s to blame for degree programs stretching into five- or six-year sojourns? Money cites limited class availability on the school’s part and lack of college readiness or a change in majors on the student’s.

Improving UVM’s four-year graduation rate is one goal outlined in President Tom Sullivan’s strategic plan, a roadmap to strengthening both the quality and affordability of the university. Improving advising is one method that’s been targeted to achieve that end.

In 2014, UVM unveiled its Four Year Plan for Career Success, a set of guidelines for students to review with their advisers as they make their way from first-year to senior. While the goal of the new advising plan aims for success post-graduation, its checklist format keeps students zeroed in on the semester-by-semester actions needed to graduate on time and launch their careers.

Learn more about the plan on the UVM Career Center’s website.