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Greetings from Beverly Colston, director of The Mosaic Center for Students of Color (MCSC), which welcomes all students, but particularly supports the holistic development of African, Latina/o, Asian, Native American, Multiracial and New American students on campus. Congratulations on your acceptance to UVM; we look forward to meeting you and your family. This spring we have a number of events designed for you to meet with faculty, staff, and students, and to see all that UVM has to offer:

I hope you'll stop in and get to know us, and that you'll use the information in this website as you consider UVM. Visit our center's website.

Unlimited resources and support for Students of Color

The University of Vermont is a predominantly (88%) white university, and I can't pretend you won't find challenges here. The MCSC, along with other departments across campus, works hard to promote and celebrate the many cultures found within our community; and our faculty and staff are committed to providing the necessary resources and support for students of color. You might consider involvement in the following groups:

UVM Students of Color perspectives

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to decide if UVM is the right match for you. Let these students lend their UVM perspectives:

  • Romário

    Hometown: Montego Bay, Jamaica -- Majors: Computer Science and Community Entrepreneurship

    Activities: I’m a sprinter on the track and field team here so I spend most of my mornings at the gym or on the track. For the past three years I’ve been a College For Every Student (CFES) mentor for sixth graders. When I have free time I like to hang out with my friends, do a little coding or play some FIFA!  I really want to go skiing this year because I’ve been here for nearly four years now and I’ve never gone. I also feel like it's something I have to do before I graduate. I spent this past summer in Mexico hanging out with friends and meeting new people. It was a really awesome experience and I plan on going back after I am done with school.

    Why did I choose UVM? When I visited UVM I got to meet some really cool people and I also thought that Burlington was a such a unique place. It’s completely different from where I grew up and was unlike any place I’ve ever been before. I’m really glad I chose this school.

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