Newly Admitted Students/Orientation

Admitted Student Visit Days

Student Accessibility Services will be available to meet with students and families in the afternoon of every Admitted Student Visit Day.  Please check your itinerary to find the time for our open house.  It is not necessary to schedule an appointment to meet with us during this timeā€”just drop in!


For students and families not visiting on an Admitted Student Visit Day, SAS is still available to meet by appointment.  Please call 802-656-7753 or email to arrange a specific time.  If possible, please schedule a minimum of one week in advance.


Documentation can be submitted at any time to SAS.  Generally, we recommend submitting it beginning in May, after the deadline for enrollment but before New Student Orientation in June.  For students concerned about eligibility before enrolling, SAS can do a preliminary review of documentation by request.  Documentation can be submitted in the following ways:

Fax: 802-656-0739
633 Main St.
A170 Living/Learning Center
Burlington, VT 05405

In person: (same address as listed above)


Students seeking a disability-related housing accommodation should submit documentation in support of this request as soon as possible after enrolling, and before the June 30th deadline.  For more information, please view the housing page.


All students who plan on working with SAS while at UVM are highly encouraged to attend an SAS Orientation Workshop during First Year Orientation in June or Transfer Orientation. SAS is available during each session, including weekend sessions.  Workshops are held during times that do not conflict with the basic orientation itinerary. Workshop times can be scheduled beginning in mid-May by calling 802-656-7753 or emailing (families are certainly welcome).

Placement Exams

Prior to attending New Student Orientation, students are required to take two placement exams tests, in foreign language and math, to determine at what course level the student should begin.  If a student is not taking a foreign language, they are not required to take the Foreign Language Placement Test.  The foreign language placement test is not timed.

All students are required to take the Math Readiness Test.  The test is timed at 45 minutes, but students eligible for extended time as an accommodation based on a documented disability can receive double-time (90 minutes) by contacting the SAS office and submitting the appropriate documentation.  All questions regarding the test itself should be sent to