There are many free tools online that will help you succeed.

Flash Card Machine 

FlashCard Machine lets anyone create study flash cards and share them with others for free. Sign up and create your own flashcards in different subjects, organize them into sets, reorder and copy cards within a set and insert images and audios. You can share your flashcard set(s) with others who study the same subject by forwarding your flashcard URL, which they can access and study without registering. You can also browse flashcards shared by others by a subject or search using relevant keywords. Furthermore, flashcards can be saved to favorites for later reference. You can also use it on your mobile device and there’s even an app for it in the iTunes app store! All for free!

Watch our quick video for a tutorial on how to use Flashcard Machine or go directly to their website to get started:

Study Blue

Study Blue is a great study tool for college students that allows you to store notes and create flashcards. Study materials are accessible anywhere that you have an internet connection and even from your phone. Best of all, it is free to sign up and get started!  It helps you study more efficiently by keeping track of what you have already learned, and what you still need work on.  This makes studying focused and productive. You can easily create flashcards based on your notes and then use those flashcards to study. Study Blue is organized by class, making keeping track of study materials really easy. You can easily invite classmates to add to your notes or study materials and you can even upload notes they have taken outside of Study Blue. You can use it on your mobile device or get the Study Blue app from the iTunes app store.

Watch our video for a quick tutorial on how to use Study Blue or go directly to their website to get started:

Google Calendar

Do you have a Google Calendar? Did you know that you can add Google Calendar to your cell phone? Google Calendar is a great (and free) way to stay organized. Adding Google calendar to your cell phone means that you may never miss or be late for another appointment!

Watch our quick video for a tutorial on how to use Google Calendar or go directly to their website to get started: