myACCESS Portal

Students who have a history of using accommodations appropriately through Student Accessibility Services may be eligible, after a semester or two, to put accommodations in place without coming in for an in-person meeting by using the myACCESS portal and sending their letters electronically to their instructors. This will expedite the process for returning students, who are still welcome to set up a meeting with SAS if desired.

Faculty Interaction

It is essential that students touch base with their instructors after getting accommodations in place. This conversation is essential to ensure that the accommodations are relevant to the course and can be implemented without violating a core component of the course. Accessibility Specialists can help facilitate this discussion by request and determine what accommodations can be reasonably and appropriately implemented in a particular course, but it is a student’s responsibility to initiate this discussions with their faculty.


Current students seeking a disability-related housing accommodation must submit documentation in support of their request.

Students already working with Student Accessibility Services can check with their Specialist to see if the documentation they have on file might make them eligible for a housing accommodation, but may have to submit additional documentation to become eligible.

Students getting started with Student Accessibility Services can submit documentation and to pursue a housing accommodation Requests for the fall semester from returning students must be submitted by November 15th of the previous year. Late requests, including those for Spring Semester, will be reviewed, but SAS’s ability to fulfill the accommodation is dependent on Residential Life’s room availability.

Priority Registration

Students who are active with Student Accessibility Services are eligible for priority registration. Registration for fall courses generally takes place in April, while registration for spring courses happens in November.

Registration is based on a class rank and a Monday-Friday schedule, going from highest to lowest, with graduate students registering on Monday and first-year students registering on Friday. The majority of students are eligible for IN-CLASS Priority Registration, which occurs at 6:30 AM on the student’s class registration day.  This provides for a half-hour head start ahead of the rest of the class.

A smaller percentage of students are eligible for FIRST-DAY Priority Registration, which occurs at 7 AM on Monday, the first day of registration.

The type of registration a student is eligible for is based on documentation of a disability. Containing and Distance Education students are not eligible for priority registration.

How to check your registration status.

Provisional Accommodations

Students who submit documentation to Student Accessibility Services that is outdated or insufficient, but still provides a clear diagnosis or history of accommodations, may be eligible to be covered provisionally with accommodations by SAS for one semester. In the interim, it is expected that students pursue and ultimately submit updated or more thorough documentation. After a student has received accommodations provisionally for one semester, they will be notified that, unless complete and current documentation is submitted, SAS will no longer be able to provide accommodations on a provisional basis.

Accessibility Specialist

Each student who works with Student Accessibility Services will be assigned a Specialist as part of the intake process. Specialists are professionals trained in working with students with disabilities. During the intake process, Specialists will meet with students individually to orient them to the processes of SAS, review their eligibility for accommodations based on documentation, and facilitate the implementation of these accommodations.  Specialists may also help students build self-advocacy skills, speak with students around how their disability affects their life at UVM, and help students learn about and navigate helpful resources around campus outside of SAS.

Following the intake process, Specialists are available to meet with students by appointment, and are accessible via email and phone as well. Students with an assigned Specialist should only schedule appointments with their designated Specialist. To schedule an appointment, students should not contact their Specialists directly, but instead reach the SAS Front Desk at 802-656-7753 or . Just a few examples of reasons a student may follow up with their Specialist throughout the semester include but are not limited to:

  • Questions on how to appropriately use an accommodation
  • Facilitating interaction with faculty around a particular issue
  • Addressing current academic challenges
  • A change in the way a disability is manifesting itself or an additional diagnosis

After a student has familiarized themselves with SAS for a semester or two, they may be eligible for advanced letters without having to come in and meet with their Specialist first. Students in this situation also become eligible to meet with any Specialist in the office, though they are certainly welcome to continue to meet with their original Specialist.

Student Awards

Defining Excellence Award

The criteria for this Award are:

  • Demonstrated academic excellence by maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Service to Community.
  • Demonstrated an ability to work with others as a leader.

The recipient of this award understands the honor and the privilege of giving to others.

Applying for the Defining Excellence Award:

Applicants must submit a 500-word, double-spaced written essay to Student Accessibility Services sharing how they have provided service and been a leader in their community. In addition, applicants submit a minimum of two letters of recommendation from a UVM faculty member, staff member, or another student supporting their community service efforts. Essays and letters of recommendation should be emailed to with the subject line: Defining Excellence Award.


Student Employment

Student Accessibility Services hires work-study students on a yearly basis to work at the front desk in the main office.  All students with work-study eligibility are welcome to work at SAS, and we particularly encourage any students who work with SAS personally to feel free and apply for a work-study job. Responsibilities include scheduling appointments, answering phones, greeting visitors to the office, and other miscellaneous office and clerical tasks.

Please note that two offices related to SAS, the Exam Proctoring Center and the Universal Design Technology Lab, also hire work-study students each year.

To apply for a work-study job, please find SAS on the Student Employment Job Database or email