The UVM Outstanding Faculty Advising Award

Good academic advising is critical to students’ educational experience and to help position students for successful careers while navigating them through our academic programs.  The Outstanding Faculty Advising Award recognizes a faculty member at the University of Vermont who has achieved excellence in undergraduate academic advising in a manner consistent with the philosophy, roles and responsibilities described in PDF icon A Vision for Academic Advising at UVM. This Award is a collaboration between the Provost’s Office, the Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate, the Student Government Association and the UVM Advising Center.

The Award

Each recipient will be presented with an achievement placard and awarded their choice of a $2,500 cash award (taxable) or $2,500 in professional development funds.  Recipients will be listed in a display in the Waterman Building in recognition of their outstanding contributions as academic faculty advisors to undergraduate students.


Award Criteria

The evidence must demonstrate the candidate’s performance is excellent in all or most or the following areas.  

The advisor:

  1. Helps students to understand academic requirements, policies and practices
  2. Helps students clarify their goals and direction
  3. Helps students make informed decisions
  4. Helps students plan for life after graduation
  5. Makes students aware of opportunities for academic and personal growth and development
  6. Helps students create and make use of formal and informal networks throughout the University
  7. Helps students realize their maximum educational potential
  8. Connects students with on-campus resources and support services as appropriate
  9. Displays responsiveness, availability, concern, respect and depth of knowledge
  10. Strives for continuous improvement as an advisor


Any full-time UVM faculty member engaged in undergraduate advising is eligible for the award.


Any student, faculty or staff member at the University of Vermont may nominate an advisor.  The primary nomination must be endorsed by at least two other individuals (students, staff, faculty, alumni) at least one of which must be a current student. In addition the nomination must include an endorsement from the faculty member’s department chair or other direct supervisor. 

Nominations are submitted via this online form.  The form asks nominators to describe how their nominee has achieved excellence with regard to the ideals stated above and in any other ways they think are relevant. 

UVM faculty nominated for the The Outstanding Faculty Advising Award will be asked for a personal statement on their philosophy, approach to and methods for academic advising.


Nominations will be vetted by a special committee to be composed of two members of the Senate Student Affairs Committee, two undergraduate students appointed by the Student Government Association, the previous years recipient and chaired by a Faculty Senate Representative. The Committee may choose to conduct interviews with the strongest nominees, and will develop a short list of finalists with recommendations to the Provost’s Office for approval.  The final decision for the award will rest with the Provost.

Process Timeline

  1. Early November – Award Announcement 
  2. December 14  - Nominations due
  3. December 21  - Endorsements due 
  4. January - March  Selection committee meets
  5. Late March/early April - The Outstanding Faculty Advising Award announced


Questions about the forms/ technical process? Contact: Isora Lithgow at 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who was the recipient of the award in 2018?

Joan “Rosi” Rosebush, senior lecturer and director of student success in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is the inaugural winner of the University of Vermont’s new Outstanding Faculty Advising Award. Read more about Rosi and what her nominators had to say.


Who qualifies for this award?

Any full-time UVM faculty member engaged in undergraduate advising is eligible for the award.


Can I only nominate my assigned academic advisor?

No, you can nominate anyone who has impacted you throughout your UVM exerience as long as they meet the eligability criteria above. 


If I am an alum/ staff/ faculty can I nominate someone?

Of course, we encourage all alumni, staff and faculty to nominate someone. 


If I am a parent can I nominate someone?