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HST 103 – Medieval France, Power&Culture

Credits: 3.00

Course Description: Topics examining European history. Representative topics: Capetian France; World War I in Europe; Twentieth-century Europe. May be repeated for credit with different content. Prerequisite: Three hours of History.

Section Description: Across the dynamic twelfth century the nature of power and culture developed rapidly in the kingdom of France. From crusades to cathedral schools, from Arthurian romance to the love letters of Abelard and Heloise, from Eleanor of Aquitaine to Philip Augustus, medieval culture was at its most inventive in this century, with Paris and France at its heart. This course will trace developments on four levels: royal power, intellectual institutions, romance literature, and aristocratic culture. We will pursue these themes largely by reading and analyzing primary sources, and by writing a series of short and medium-length papers.

CRN: 15194

Section: B

Enrolled/Seats: 15/39

Days Time Location
TR 11:40 - 12:55 LAFAYETTE HALL L210

Instructor(s): Sean Linscott Field

Meeting Dates: 13 Jan 2020 - 01 May 2020