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ENGS 177 – D1:African Am Women Writers

Credits: 3.00

Course Description: Interdisciplinary topics in African American literature and culture. Representative topics include: The Harlem Renaissance and Negritude; Publishing Blackness. May repeat for credit with different content. Pre/co-requisite: Three hours in English courses numbered ENGS 005 - ENGS 096; minimum Sophomore standing.

Section Description: Literature has always been the primary terrain upon which African Americans have cultivated individual identities and defended their collective humanity. Within the larger phenomenon of the African American literary tradition, African American women’s writing has had to contend with the “politics of respectability” in a way that has not defined African American writing by men as directly. In this course, we will examine African American women’s fiction, not only for its literary achievements, but also for the way it has addressed, accommodated, and eluded implicit demands that it must represent black male and female lives in specific ways. Throughout this course, we will engage in larger discussions about the category of African American women’s writing itself. Who or what is served by the segregation of black women’s writing into its own group? Who, in fact, is authorized to author a black female text? Are there literary characteristics that define African American literature written by women? We will come up with answers to these questions by the end of the semester.

CRN: 95501

Section: A

Enrolled/Seats: 38/40

Days Time Location
TR 13:15 - 14:30 LAFAYETTE HALL L111

Instructor(s): Emily E. Bernard

Meeting Dates: 26 Aug 2019 - 06 Dec 2019