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PHYS 031 – Physics for Engineers I

Credits: 4.00

Course Description: Mechanics including oscillations and waves. With lab. Accompanying optional problem-solving session: PHYS 030. Prerequisite: MATH 021 or MATH 023.

Section Description: A calculus-based course that explores kinematics Newton's Laws for linear and rotation dynamics, potential energy and conservation laws, oscillations and propagation of mechanical waves. The course is tailored for engineering freshmen needs in a flipped, active learning, studio-physics class format. It is a 4 credit course that includes mandatory laboratory experimental activities. Student may opt to enroll in a recitation section, Phys 30, for one additional credit. Pre-requisite: Math 21

CRN: 91250

Section: A

Enrolled/Seats: 39/54

Days Time Location
R 11:40 - 12:55 INNOVATION HALL E330
MWF 14:20 - 15:10 INNOVATION HALL E330

Instructor(s): Madalina I Furis, Luke Anthony Donforth

Meeting Dates: 26 Aug 2019 - 06 Dec 2019