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CLAS 195 – Sport and Spectacle

Credits: 3.00

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Section Description: Competition was an essential part of daily life in ancient Greece and Rome, but perhaps no more so than in athletic contests and entertainment. In this course we will explore athletics and sport-related spectacles in the ancient Greek and Roman world to better understand the relationship between sport, entertainment, and identity construction. Through a close analysis of primary sources readings and archaeological evidence we will examine athletic contests such as the Olympics and sport entertainment such as gladiatorial games. Students will learn the basic rules and rituals of these events, but special attention will be given to their ancient participants and audiences, as we seek to better understand who was included, who was excluded, and why. Sport and sport entertainment served to naturalize constructions of gender, class, and race, and, perhaps most importantly, were shaped by competitive models of masculinity. While the focus of the course will be sport, we will also explore other competitive forms of entertainment such as chariot racing, theatrical shows, animal fights, and staged naval battles.

CRN: 95532

Section: A

Enrolled/Seats: 22/40

Days Time Location
TR 10:05 - 11:20 LAFAYETTE HALL L100

Instructor(s): Jessica Ann Evans

Meeting Dates: 27 Aug 2018 - 07 Dec 2018