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BSAD 030 – Decision Analysis

Credits: 3.00

Course Description: Introduces students to the tools and techniques necessary for effective decision-making in business organizations operating in a complex and dynamic environment. Prerequisites: MATH 019 or MATH 021; STAT 141 or STAT 143 or EC 170; or PSYS 053 and PSYS 054; Business Administration, Computer Science and Information Systems, and Engineering Management majors; Business Administration Minor; Minimum Sophomore standing.

Section Description: GOALS & OBJECTIVES: The goal of this class is to improve students' decision-making and critical thinking skills, as well as their technical, quantitative, and analytical skills. This course will: a. introduce students to the science of fact-based, data-driven decision making; b. expose students to different approaches, support tools, and analytical methods for decision- making; c. enhance and reinforce students’ analytical skills and their ability to use information; and d. to develop, integrate and reinforce students’ modeling skills (often based on spreadsheet usage) by using such skills in a variety of applications. COURSE CONTENT: This course provides an introduction to decision analysis and modeling, covering the following topics: 1. probability & decision analysis; 2. optimization tools and constrained resource allocation; 3. time series analysis, and forecasting; and 4. project scheduling.

CRN: 11715

Section: A

Enrolled/Seats: 50/52

Days Time Location
TR 11:40 - 12:55 AIKEN CENTER 110

Instructor(s): Akshay Mutha

Meeting Dates: 16 Jan 2018 - 04 May 2018