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EC 040 – D2:SU:Econ of Globalization

Credits: 3.00

Course Description: An examination of the dimensions, causes and consequences of the international flows of goods and services (trade), people (migration), and financial capital.

Section Description: There are four main topics in the course: trade, immigration, finance and climate change. The first part of the course involves a study of international trade patterns, trade policies, and trade agreements. The next section is about the economics of immigration and immigration policy. In both the study of trade and immigration, we will present theory and evidence on how they affect not only the overall level of economic activity in a country, but also the composition of the economy and the incomes of different groups. The third section of the course is international finance. There the focus is on the determination of exchange rates, and on flows of capital and investment between countries. We will study how governments and central banks can affect the exchange rate and investment flows, and sources of financial instability in the world economy. Finally, we will cover the economics of climate change. Because greenhouse gas emissions in one country affects people in other countries, it is a classic example of an international "externality." We will study the special challenges of economic policy in tackling climate change.

CRN: 60101

Section: OL1

Enrolled/Seats: 16/25

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Instructor(s): Richard A Sicotte

Meeting Dates: 22 May 2017 - 30 Jun 2017