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THE 010 – Acting I: Intro to Acting

Credits: 3.00

Course Description: Exercises to increase self-awareness and heighten perceptions of human behavior. Basics of script analysis and development of vocal and physical skills through practice and performance.

Section Description: The Introduction to Acting THE 010 course provides students with the basic training and tools for acting on the stage. Course covers vocal techniques, breathing and diction, and improvisational approaches to building a character. Assigned monologue and scene work will provide students an opportunity to learn about script analysis, dramatic conflict, character-driven objectives, and the importance of listening when acting. The textbook, The Actor as Storyteller, is required reading for this course. Written assignments throughout the semester will serve to help students further discover and reflect on a character’s goals, objectives, and actions as it pertains to the monologue or scene they are working on.

CRN: 90952

Section: A

Enrolled/Seats: 16/16

Days Time Location
TR 10:05 - 11:20 ROYALL TYLER THR 390

Instructor(s): Craig E. Wells

Meeting Dates: 29 Aug 2016 - 09 Dec 2016