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CDAE 195 – Media-Policy-Action

Credits: 3.00

Course Description: Lectures or readings on contemporary issues in Community Development and Applied Economics. Enrollment may be more than once, up to twelve hours.

Section Description: The Policy Action/Media Action class will provide students hands-on learning experiences in policy advocacy using social media and communications tools AND enhance the reach and impact of environmental and social justice organizations in Vermont. Students will provide communications and organizing services to policy advocacy and non-profit organizations and lobbying organizations in Vermont. Students will be expected to spend some time in the Vermont Legislature related to the policy issues the class is engaged in. Class meets once a week (Monday 5:05-6:20) with students expected to spend 8-10 hours a week engaged with project partners and/or attending the Vermont Legislature other related events. Transportation will be provided. This is an upper level service learning class.

CRN: 14792

Section: C

Enrolled/Seats: 13/25

Days Time Location
MW 17:05 - 18:20 LAFAYETTE HALL L308

Instructor(s): Richard A. Watts

Meeting Dates: 19 Jan 2016 - 04 May 2016