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THE 252 – History II:17th - 21st Century

Credits: 3.00

Course Description: A study of historical context, theatrical conventions, and dramas representative of the restoration, sentimental neo classicism, romanticism, realism, and anti-realism to the contemporary. Prerequisite: THE 150.

Section Description: “The etymology of the word ‘technology’ comes from the Greek root techne meaning art, skill, craft indicating that technology is also an art, a craft. By extension, all theatre and performance can be seen as a type of technology.” – Kara Reilly from Theatre, Performance and Analogue Technology (3) Starting in 1660 and continuing to the present moment, this class will explore how theatre technologies -- from set design, lighting and costume design, to innovations in directing, acting, and dramaturgical styles – have made “lifelikeness,” or what are considered realistic depictions of life, appear on the stage. We will explore how the human conception of what is “realistic” changes with technology, and how studying theatre in a historical context allows us to understand shifting conceptions of what it means to be human. This course will work from the provocation that to be human is to co-evolve with technology. In relation to our exploration of technology, we will also examine how technology produces human subjectivity on the stage in very different ways depending on our race, gender, sexuality and class. Starting in the 1660s when women are allowed to appear on stage for the first time, all the way down to the present moment where identity is increasingly mediated through the use of social media in performance, norms and stereotypes regarding gender, sexuality, race, and class have been both reflected and contested. The Baroque period inaugurates the modern theatre. In a profound respect, the Baroque aesthetic and Enlightenment socio-political history are still paramount to understanding contemporary performance and theatrical life.

CRN: 93932

Section: A

Enrolled/Seats: 7/25

Days Time Location
MW 12:50 - 14:05 ROYALL TYLER THR 300

Instructor(s): Kathleen Maguire Gough

Meeting Dates: 25 Aug 2014 - 03 Dec 2014