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College of Engineering and Mathematics (CEM)

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The University of Vermont
College of Engineering and Mathematics
33 Colchester Avenue
109 Votey Building
Burlington, VT 05405-0156

Phone: (802) 656-8413
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The College offers stimulating, professionally-oriented programs for students interested in careers in computer science, engineering, and mathematics. Computer science develops creative problem-solving ability, along with essential skills in current programming and computing environments. It offers the flexibility to gear studies toward business, science, engineering, mathematics, and the arts. Engineering education combines the study of mathematics and the physical, life, and engineering sciences with application to the analysis and design of equipment, processes, and complete systems. The breadth and flexibility of the engineering programs provide a sound background for engineering practice in public or private domains, for graduate study in engineering and science, and for further professional study in such fields as business, law, or medicine. Engineering management, offered in cooperation with the School of Business Administration, combines a basic education in an engineering discipline with the study of management concepts and techniques. Mathematics and statistics are designed to train students in critical thinking, problem solving, and sound reasoning, while developing a strong level of technical competence and a substantial breadth of exposure to other fields. Bachelor of Science degrees in each of these disciplines provide distinctive recognition based on challenging course work, valuable field experience, and intensive student-faculty interaction.