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Colleges and Schools

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
The programs of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences emphasize life sciences, agriculture and food systems, environmental protection, and the preservation of healthy rural communities.
The College of Arts and Sciences
The College of Arts and Sciences at UVM combines the advantages of a small liberal arts college and the resources of a major research institution. It provides students with a sound liberal education through close interaction with nationally and internationally noted scholars.
The College of Education and Social Services
The College of Education and Social Services offers undergraduate programs in Athletic Training, Human Development and Family Studies, Social Work, and Teacher Education.
The College of Engineering and Mathematics
The College offers stimulating, professionally-oriented programs for students interested in careers in computer science, engineering, and mathematics.
The College of Medicine
The UVM College of Medicine is one of the oldest and most respected medical schools in the nation. Since its establishment in 1822, the College's mission has been the education of undergraduate and medical students.
The College of Nursing and Health Sciences
The College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of health care disciplines.
Continuing Education
Continuing Education serves UVM's commitment to lifelong learning through the development and delivery of educational courses and programs that connect the resources of the University with the needs of non-degree and summer students in Vermont and the Northeast.
The Graduate College
The Graduate College administers graduate programs and is responsible for overseeing admissions, policies, assistships and fellowships, and research funding.
The Honors College
The Honors College offers an intensely focused, academically challenging environment for some of the university's most outstanding undergraduate students.
The School of Business Administration
The mission of the School of Business Administration is to educate Vermont, national, and international students for careers in management and to conduct research that extends knowledge and contributes to the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Our emphasis on the integration of natural science and cultural perspectives reflects the interdisciplinary context in which ecosystem management, resource planning, and environmental concerns must be addressed.

Additionally, a variety of inter-disciplinary academic offerings are available in:

Studying the Environment
One of the distinctive features of UVM is its focus on studying the environment and environmental problems. Students interested in these issues have a rich array of choices. Many of these are within specific disciplines, but others offer the opportunity for multidisciplinary study.

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