University of Vermont

Julia Meurice

Undergraduate student, self-designed major

class room in Senegalese

Julia Meurice arrived in Senegal an environmental science major. So inspired by her work with Senegalese villages, she left planning to design a new major around issues of ecology, resource management and intercultural communication.

"Study abroad gave me direction and because of it, I feel like I've got a firmer grasp on where I want to go with the rest of my life," says the UVM undergraduate.

Working directly with Senegal villages as part of the Living Routes program, "Sustainable Development in Ecovillages," Meurice met with villagers in order to help plan for, and ultimately fund, a sustainable business idea.

Into Africa

Hear more about the work Meurice did in Senegal in the photo slideshow below or read the transcript.

Video length: 4:13 minutes

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