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UVM encourages any person who has experienced or witnessed a bias incident, discrimination, or harassment to report the conduct to UVM and to utilize available support services. Individuals may also wish to report criminal conduct to UVM Police at 802-656-3473. Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (AAEO) is the internal UVM office that investigates complaints of discrimination and harassment.


Based on Legally Protected Categories

Discrimination or harassment based on an individual’s membership in a legally protected category is prohibited at UVM. Discrimination or harassment generally violates UVM policy if it interferes with an individual’s ability to participate in or benefit from a University program or activity. Protected categories include race, color, religion, disability, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Report Discrimination, Harassment, and Bias Incidents

Hate Crimes

A Hate Crime is a criminal offense against persons or property that is motivated by the victim’s actual or perceived membership in a protected category. Hate crimes are defined by Vermont law at 13 V.S.A. § 1455. Report to UVM Police at 802-656-3473 or 911.

Bias Incidents

Bias incidents involve speech or expressive conduct that is based on or motivated by the individual or group’s real or perceived race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, disability, or gender identity and/or expression. Bias incidents may include conduct or speech that is protected by the First Amendment. Report Bias Incidents to the Bias Response Program, administered by the Dean of Students.

Confidential Support Services

  • Employee Assistance Program:  Confidential counseling services for UVM employees.  Contact (802) 864-3270 or toll-free at 1-866-660-9533.
  • Campus Victim’s Advocate: The Campus Victim's Advocate provides advocacy, referrals and support for faculty, staff and students who have experienced some form of sexual violence, intimate partner violence and/or stalking. These services are provided to all members of the UVM community, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, income level, ability, education or other forms of identity. (802) 656-7892
  • UVM Counseling and Psychiatry Services (CAPS): Confidential counseling services for students.   (802) 656-3340
  • UVM Student Health Services: Confidential health care services for students. (802) 656-3350

Other UVM Resources

Community Resources

  • American Civil Liberties Union, Vermont Office: 802-223-6304
  • HOPE Works 24 hour hotline (support for survivors of sexual violence/misconduct): 1-800-489-7273
  • SafeSpace (Pride Center of Vermont): 802-863-0003
  • Steps to End Domestic Violence: 802-658-1996