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AAEO's Role

AAEO assists the University in maintaining compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and upholding our commitment, policies, and procedures to ensure equal access for our community members who have disabilities.

Assistance with Website Accessibility

For questions regarding website accessibility or to notify the University regarding online information or functionality that is currently inaccessible, contact the ADA/504 Coordinator.


How does AAEO assist the University community?

AAEO supports both students and employees with any concerns regarding disability-based discrimination or retaliation. AAEO's ADA/504 Coordinator supports employment applicants and employees of the University with accommodation requests and accessibility concerns. The ADA/504 Coordinator also assists with needs regarding access to our campus for members of the public who have disabilities.

What does the ADA do?

This federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, public services, places of public accommodation, and in telecommunications.

Who is protected under the ADA?

To receive protection under the ADA, an individual has to meet the legal definition of being a person with a disability.

The ADA defines disability as having a substantial physical or mental impairment that significantly impacts a major life activity, having a record of such impairment, or being regarded as an individual who has such an impairment.  This can include temporary conditions, if they are significant enough to limit a major life activity.

In order to receive protections under the ADA in employment or the classroom, a person must also be a Qualified Individual.

A Qualified Individual is someone who has the required background and can perform the essential functions and meet technical standards, with or without reasonable accommodations.

What is UVM's Commitment?

Commitment to Employees and Applicants for Employment: 

UVM is committed to providing a workplace that is free from unlawful discrimination and is accessible to all individuals in conformity with state and federal laws.

Commitment to Students:

UVM is committed to providing an educational atmosphere and experience that is accessible to all qualified students, including students with disabilities.

What are UVM's policies?

UVM has clear policy regarding non-discrimination and the provision of reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Policy for Employees and Applicants for Employment:

Please see UVM's Policy on Disability Accommodation for Employees and Applicants for Employment

Policy for Students:

Please see UVM's Policy on Disability Certification, Accommodation, and Support for Students

What are UVM's Procedures for Requesting Accommodations?

UVM has seperate procedures for employees and students regarding the request of accommodations.

Procedure for Employees and Applicants for Employment: 


Procedure for Students:

Please visit the Student Accessibility Services website or call 802-656-7753 to learn about the procedure for requesting academic and residential accommodations.

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Contact ADA/504 Coordinator:

Amber Fulcher