University of Vermont

You Could Be The First To Know

Why is this project important?

Sexual violence is a major problem on college campuses across the country. We know from studies and from the students who visit the Women’s Center that many victims of violence will confide in their friends about their assault before telling a parent or an authority. These videos are a guide for friends who are “the first to know” about an assault. They provide guidance, resources, and hopefully answer some of the many questions that may come up when supporting a friend.


Thank you to the Office on Violence Against Women, Department of Justice, for their support and funding of this project! Thank you to the students who are featured in the videos, and spent many hours filming and helping with the script! Abby Thayer, Spencer Campbell, Gabbie Follett, Sanjaya Niroula, Anita Virami, Melissa Marcano, Kat Monterosso, Kacy Van Clief, Breonna Young, Emily Eck, Tracie Ebalu, and Tenzin Chophel

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