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College of Arts & Sciences Honors Day

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Outstanding Senior Award honors a GSWS major who embody a combination of theory and activism. The Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award honors a GSWS major for academic excellence in Women's and Gender Studies. Ellen Hamilton and Lida Mason were the first female students at UVM. The University of Vermont was the first university to admit women into Phi Beta Kappa honor society.


Outstanding Senior Award
Amanda Calendine

WGST honors 2012 We recognize Amanda Calendine for her scholarly achievements, and for her achievements as an activist and an extraordinary member of our campus community. Ms. Calendine has completed her coursework at UVM while working full-time in Burlington. Although she has taken only a few courses each semester, she has given her academic work her full attention – as evidenced by the fact that her essay, “Location Matters: Urban and Rural Manifestations of Identity Building for the Lesbian and Gay Community from the 1940s up to the Stonewall Riots”, was awarded the 2012 Daniel McCarter Award for best undergraduate scholarship in Sexuality Studies. Ms. Calendine has also distinguished herself by her contributions to the campus, including as a volunteer for the Translating Identity Conference (TIC) that UVM students organize each academic year.

Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award
Juliet Critsimilios

Ms. Juliet Critsimilios is an outstanding student and activist who has already made ample use of her academic training in Women’s and Gender Studies. Professors describe her as astute, critical, and fully engaged with the material. A double major in GSWS and Political Science, Ms. Critsimilios has also been a volunteer intern at the Burlington organization HOPE Works (formerly the Women’s Rape Crisis Center) and a Legislative and Public Affairs intern at Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. During her time at HOPE Works, Ms. Critsimilios was the lead organizer for the 2012 “Take Back The Night” march in Burlington. She has been actively involved with the UVM Women’s Center, and participated in the 2012 performance of “The Vagina Monologues.”


Outstanding Senior Award
Allyson Perleoni

Allyson Perleoni is an excellent student. She is a double major in Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies. She has distinguished herself by both her academic and leadership accomplishments. In particular, Allyson’s commitment to issues facing women has played a central role in both her academic work and her service to the community. During her time at UVM, she has worked with the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, the Center for Student Ethics and Standards, and the Vermont Commission on Women

Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award
Darby Brazoski

2011 WGST honors day Darby Brazoski is an extraordinary student: a double major in political science and Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in History, she is also an accelerated graduated student in the Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) Program at UVM (a program she plans to complete after graduation). Combining her disciplinary interests, she interned last year with Deb Markowitz’s campaign to be the Democratic nominee for Governor of Vermont. Her professors value Brazoski for being both hard-working and extremely thoughtful in her writing and participation in class.


Outstanding Senior Award
Juliana Marton

Juliana Marton has a passionate intellectual and activist devotion to the care of childbearing women. She has been able to fulfill both aspects of this dedication simultaneously and outstandingly while working with pregnant teens at the Lund Center. She maintained a superb grade point average at UVM and has studied to become a Certified Doula. She has been accepted to Birthwise, a school that trains certified professional midwives (CPMs).

Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award
Berkeley Brooks

Berkeley Brooks, a Sociology minor, is extremely sharp, thoughtful, and hard working. She has been real asset to the program and someone who has gained a great deal from her Women’s and Gender Studies education.


Outstanding Senior Award
Julia Emery and Claire Strickland

With a second major in Sociology and a minor in History, Julia Emery has co-chaired the Dismantling Rape Culture conference and brought insights on battered women to class. Claire Strickland, a Political Science minor, has shown interest in women in India and local food issues and has also worked at the UVM Women's Center.

Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award
Catherine Tremblay

Catherine Trembly is a GSWS major and Chemistry minor with an interest in women's health care. She received our Sarah Emily June Empowerment scholarship in 2007.


Outstanding Senior Award
Emily Franz

Emily Franz, a leader in the Female Majority student club, has organized a candlelight vigil for campus safety, and has worked closely with Men for Change.

Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award
Amanda Sutherland

Amanda Sutherland is in the Honors College, a double major (Political Science), and a recent Phi Beta Kappa inductee who plans to attend law school.


Outstanding Senior Award
Allyson Black-Foley
A double major in GSWS and Environmental Studies with a minor in Political Science, Allyson Black-Foley has been an active SGA senator and Director of Alternative Spring Break.
Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award
Jessica Butt

Jessica Butt is a GSWS major with minors in Theatre and Vermont Studies. She is a member of Triota and Golden Key Honors Societies, and volunteers at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.


Outstanding Senior Award, Lauren Barnett
Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award, Christina Churchill


Outstanding Senior Award, Jessica McCloud
Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award, Hanna Jenkins


Teresa Hill Outstanding Academic Excellence

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