Teaching interests and experience

Catchment Hydrology (Yale University 1985-1986): Water cycle and water processes for graduate students in the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies graduate program.

Water Resources Management (UNH annually from 1987-1997):  The water cycle, nutrient cycles, water policy and regulation, and water management issues for both majors in natural resources and non-majors.

Wetlands Resources Management and Wetland Field Ecology (UNH, annually from 1989 to 1997):  Two linked courses for seniors, graduate students, and continuing education professionals.  Focusing on wetland types, identification, ecology, and management.  The field course focused on practical skills needed to assess the ecology of different wetland types.

Land use seminar (UNH, 1988-1989, 1992):  A senior ‘cap-stone’ course focused on a real and current resource management problem approached as a group research project.

Critical Analysis in Water Resources Management (UNH, 1996-1997):  A senior and graduate level seminar focused on readings and analysis of topical water resource management issues.

Independent studies (UNH, as required):  Individual senior research projects.

Urban Watershed Management (UVM 2003):  Seminar for seniors and graduate students on issues related to urban sprawl and management.