Policies - General Expectations in my Courses

All participants in this course (students, TAs, and professor) are expected to adhere to the academic policies of the University of Vermont. In particular, students in this course (as all UVM courses) will be expected to adhere to Code of Academic Integrity. At its heart, this code is about plagiarism, fabrication, collusion, and cheating. The characteristics of plagiarism are sometimes not entirely clear. If you are uncertain what constitutes plagiarism, I strongly encourage you to take a look at this helpful site. (http://www.plagiarism.org/plagiarism-101/what-is-plagiarism/). Plagiarism is a serious issue that can have serious repercussions for your career.

Students should also be aware of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. In the context of this course this code emphasizes mutual respect to promote shared learning. If you are not familiar with these codes, please take a moment to study them.

My grading policies for all of my courses are explained in detail here. One thing that you should note is that for coursework that is qualitative in nature, grading on a 0-100% scale is - in my opinion - problematic in that "perfection" of 100% is impossible to judge. For this reason, in courses where there are many qualitative elements I include a special "overall participation" grade element to fill what might otherwise be a grading discrepancy between 95-100%. See the particular course syllabus for whether and how I employ this grade element. (As an aside, you should note that UVM does not made a distinction between a A and an A+ in calculating GPAs; i.e., both letter grades have the same effect on GPA.)

As one simple expression of mutual respect I ask that you refrain from using cell phones in class for any purpose unless I specifically ask you to use them. I also ask that you not use personal laptops unless there is reason that you need to or it is a part of a class activity. Please clear the use of PCs with me before class.

Specific policies regarding this and other rights and responsibilities of the UVM community can be foundt the UVM Policy Site.

I welcome the use of ACCESS and other UVM-supported programs to enhance your learning experience in this class. If you intend to use any of these services, please let me know early in the semester.

The University of Vermont's policy regarding observance of religious holidays is as follows: "Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. Each
semester students should submit in writing to their instructors by the end of the second full week of classes their documented religious holiday schedule for the semester. Faculty must permit students who miss work for the purpose of religious observance to make up this work."