Can I substitute a Core or General Education course?

If you want to use a course other than those listed in the catalogue for Core or General Education Requirements requirements you must submit an official Request for a Substitution that is reviewed by the Honors and Studies Committee.  This includes transfer students who have speech and writing courses that show up as "SPCH XXX" or "ENGS 0XX". If the course transfer specifically shows up as courses that fulfill the requirement--i.e. ENGS 001 and SPCH 011--then no request is necessary.

The only exception to this policy is Honors College students who take both HCOL 95 and 96--these are pre-approved substitutions and so your advisor can simply submit a CATS Exception form.

It is essential that you and our adivsor check for such substitutions when you do your Senior Records Checks. Clearing up these issues ahead of time will make the job of verifying your requirements much easier and will help avoid the unwelcome discovery that you are missing a requirement at the last minute.

Basesd on information from Emilie Riddle (28 Jauuary 2011)