How do I fulfill my Diversity requirements if I am a transfer student to RSENR and ENSC?

Students who transfer into RSENR have the option of taking a D1 plus a second D1 or D2 course to fulfill the Diversity Requirement. First year students are now required to take NR 6, 207 and a third D1 or D2 course. 

Previously, the CATS Audit Reports filled this information in correctly. However, this may not always be the case. Transfer students may find that they need to do individual exceptions to make their CATS audits correct. This can easily be done with a a CATS Exception form.

In addition, you may have taken courses at other institutions which you think should count as a D1 or D2 course towards your diversity requirement.  The Registrar's Office now has a link with instructions for a process to request that these credits fulfill your diversity requirements. This link is the "Undergraduate Transfer Credit" link on the Registrar's website--that page has a link called "Transfer Credit and the Diversity Requirement."  The direct link is:

As with any course, if you are considering taking a course elsewhere to fulfill requirement (such as at a community college near home over the summer) you should complete this process before taking the course to ensure it will fulfill the requirement.

Basesd on information from Emilie Riddle (6 Dec 2010 and 10 August 2010)