Essential Information

UVM Academics On-line includes most of what you need to know about UVM

UVM Course Directory allows you to search for information on any course

UVM Registrar's web page includes schedule of courses and related information

Rubenstein School Handbook (on-line): essential information about the Rubenstein School

Rubenstein School Academic and Advising Resources including forms and other FAQs

Advising FAQs

How do I schedule a meeting with Breck?

Where is the official websitie for theENSC major and information about Concentrations?

What is CATS Audit report and how do I run one?

How can I change or correct my CATS Audit report to formalize course subsitutions and exceptions?

How do I declare my 3 course/9-credit general education sequence outside of RSENR?

When does registration start?

How do I declare or change a major, minor, or concentration? (Registrar's page)

What is the process to change my major into, out of, or within the Rubenstein School?

What is the UVM diversity requirement and what courses qualify?

How do I fulfill my diversity requirements if I am a transfer student to RSENR and ENSC?

What minors are available at UVM?

How do I withdraw from a course?

What is the effect of withdrawing from a course on my GPA?

Where can I find particular forms that I need?
(Some forms may be in the Dean's office or see Marcie Newland)

What should I do if I want to study abroad?

What should I do if I have taken courses at another institution and want to transfer credit to UVM?

How have courses taken by students in the past transferred over to UVM? (Transfer Credit Guide)

Can I substitute a Core or General Education course?

Why is there a hold on my registration?

Great Planning Tools!

8 Semester Example Program Plan

4-year Plan for Career Success worksheets

Breck's ENSC course on-line checklist (similar to Example Program Plan, above)

Historic Enrollment from previous semesters (useful for forward planning)

Five-year blank planning calendar template

NEW class periods starting Fall 2015! (Template)

Other Useful links

Undergraduate Academic Advising resources (Provost's page)

General UVM guidance on advising including a glossary of academic terms

Useful academic support including...

ACCESS for students with disabilities
The Learning Co-op for study skills, tutoring, extra instruction, and writing help
Trio for under-represented or less advantaged students

Rubenstein School homepage

E-mail Breck