Launch Mozilla. From the Window menu, choose Composer.

A Composer window opens. Note the word-processor-like tools.

Before we get any farther, we need to establish our Publishing environment. From the File menu, choose Publish.

Now click the New Site button

Enter your Publish Settings. Substitute your own NetID for jstudent below. Note the s in https. Note that the publishing address is, while the homepage address is . When done, click the Publish button.

This annoying little message appears. click OK.

Now the tab will swicth from Settings to Publish.

Note that a vistit to your home page now produces some trivial but positive results. Note the page Title in the Title Bar.

As you publish subsequent pages, choose different titles and file names for each. Keep track of the file names!

Later, when you need to edit one of these pages again, launch Mozilla and return to your web site (


From the File menu, choose Edit Page

Make your changes, then from the File menu again choose Publish

If you are using a different computer, you may need to re-enter your publishing information