It started with this message:
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From: Wesley Alan Wright []
Sent: Friday, February 23, 2001 10:04 PM
Subject: Help us, DECO DRIVE!

Dear Belkys and Lynn:


We live in the small town of Starksboro, VT, population 1700 or so.
We still have one of them old timey giant C-Band satellite dishes in
our backyard. It brings us FOX TV via WSVN Miami.

More importantly, it brings us DECO DRIVE, to which we have grown
addicted. We have two feet of snow on the ground outside our windows:
your little slice of south Florida life helps keep us warm at night.

But now we hear that WSVN is leaving the big dish market. By March 1,
bye bye Deco Drive. Even if we get a pizza dish, our FOX affiliate
won't be WSVN -- it would be FOX 5 NYC, which lacks the
professionalism to pull off anything like Deco Drive.

Only you can help us, Belkys and Lynn: please use you considerable
influence with WSVN station management to convince them to stay on
the C-Band wavelength. Your Vermont viewers need their News Deco

Sincerely desperate,

Wesley Wright and Vickie Backus
3731 Big Hollow Road
Starksboro, VT 04587
We heard back:

>At 10:15 PM -0500 2/23/01, Lynn Martinez wrote:
>wes --
>don't think we can help you ... although we can give you a little parting
>gift monday.
>watch the show... especially the beginning. 
>At 6:05 PM -0500 3/5/01, Belkys Nerey wrote:
>sorry guys.  the satellite company just cut us off.  my station manager has
>tried to talk to them but it's an arbitrary decision on their part.
to which we responded
Thanks ever so much for inquiring. Indeed, the Starksboro Tribute show 
of February 26 was our last ever Deco Drive.

Now we will never know if Lynn talked Belkys into modeling a thong.

We have immortalized the parting gift so we can watch it again and again 
with our neighbors and friends until they, too, pray that the show will 
end. If you have RealPlayer, see