CT_Cal.pl and Capi Interface version .1

Thank you for you interest in our calendar scripts.

CT_Cal.pl is a perl script. It uses a perl module I developed called Capi which provides a perl XSUB interface to the Oracle Calendar "capi" (Calendar API) library distributed on the Oracle Calendar installation CDs.

I have compiled and used the Xsub on AIX and Redhat Linux. The tricky bit is getting the library names and locations correct in Makefile.PL

In it's current form, our CAPI module isn't quite ready for widespread redistribution:

Nonetheless, here it is. capi.tar is the Xsub. CT_Cal.tar are the scripts that use the Xsub. Enjoy. Send me a donut if you like them.

Wesley Alan Wright, University of Vermont
June 27, 2005