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The CIT SlugCam™


The original CIT slug was found near the home of one of our staff consultants. She graciously donated the slug and SlugCage™ to CIT for instructional purposes. SlugEnvironment™ created by Doug Varney.

After a couple weeks of stardom, the original slug burned out on fame and was returned to the wilds from whence it came. Not to fear — it laid eggs before it went home, and the eggs have hatched. We now have a carload of baby slugs to contend with. Unfortunately, they are a bit smaller than the resolution of this camera can reveal, but trust us, they are there.

The CIT SlugCam™ is attached to a Macintosh PowerMac 8500/120, operated by Wesley Alan Wright. Slug image updated every 30 seconds.

We are currently investigating streaming technology for future SlugCam™ installations.

If the SlugImage appears black, the Slug is asleep. Shhhhhh!

Read more about slugs at Jasper's Slug Page or at John Stone's Slime Page.

Close up of slug eggs before hatching.


For you Doubting Thomas's out there who think the Slug is stuffed or made out of plastic, we offer this first QuickTime Movie of the Slug in Action.

To replay the movie:

  • If you are a Windows user, click on the image
  • If you are a Macintosh suer, double-click on the image
You must have the QuickTime plug-in installed to view the movie.

This time-lapse video recording represents 10 minutes of SlugTime™. We have three additional SlugVideos for your enjoyment:

Last revised: 10 October 1997
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