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The Current Role of the Webmaster at UVM

The Current Role of the Webmaster

At present, enjoys limited authority and unlimited responsibility. duties and accomplishments:

  • Wrote the UVM web policy.
  • Design and maintain the UVM Home Page, and several other "second tier institutional" pages like the "Departments, Programs, and Offices" pages.
  • When somebody asks, "Please link my department's page to the UVM Home Page," tries to do so.
  • Keep a Big Picture in mind of who is really doing what with the web in an effort to coordinate activities and suggest strategic directions.
  • Provide much of the "added value" apparent in UVM’s web: the on-line email directory, the Search Engine, the magic random Home page pictures, the all-purpose "mailform" email based HTML form/CGI interface, the page hit counter.
  • Compile and analyze some web usage statistics.
  • Answer mail to In this role, acts as ombudsman, oracle, and general Omniscient University Spokesperson. limitations and frustrations:

  • cannot deny a link from the Official Pages to some UVM department, division, or other organization, even if they have the ugliest web page on campus. has no institutional backing to tell anyone, "No, your page doesn’t measure up."
  • cannot enforce the UVM Web Policy. However, if someone complains that someone else is in violation of policy, hears about it
  • cannot create a UVM "Home Page" that everyone likes. Everybody wants his or her favorite pet page linked to the home page. If this were allowed, the UVM Home Page would now have approximately 300 links: not good human interface design practice.
  • cannot provide much to technology challenged units wishing to develop web-based resources much beyond a few words of encouragement.
  • cannot initiate and carry to completion more far-out and wacky projects, such as WebCams in the Ira Allen Chapel tower, interactive campus maps, tours and catalogs of UVM's many and varied museums, finish the Charlotte the Whale project started four years ago...

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