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Core issues:

Core issues:


Web team staffing

Two parts to this: full time professional staff is non-existent; student staffing has been a great success, but needs to be sustained,

While tremendous progress has been made against unbelievable odds during the Webb99 redesign project, several challenges remain:

  • The ad-hoc web team is simply that: ad-hoc. Sometime after Jan 1 1999 the ongoing development and maintenance of the UVM web is expected to return to a slow but steady pace until/unless one or more full-time positions can be allocated. Current efforts are being conducted on a part-time basis from time carved out of existing positions in CIT and Communications (Marketing/PR).
  • Neither the current ad-hoc web team nor the proposed ITTF Web Team solves the problem of who has "ultimate responsibility" for the overall UVM web site. As long as the responsibility and management of the web site remains fragmented the message sent to external visitors to and the information delivered to our internal community will remain fragmented. As it stands, there is no power structure in place that can force, coerce, or even effectively convince all the disparate stakeholders to play happy together.
  • The student intern approach has been a great success: not only have they produced quality work, but they have also learned a great deal about both the subject matter and the inner workings of the University. We need to seek ways to either secure funding to continue and expand this program, or find ways to collaborate with academic departments to grant credits in lieu of pay.


Technology infrastructure


We have successfully been able to make incremental improvements to our high-end technology offerings in the Academic Resource Facility. We need to continue to invest in this facility. Emerging and existent technologies worthy of additional investment include

  • Digital Video Disk (DVD) technology
  • Digital Video Camcorders
  • Real-time Video compression/streaming video
  • Streaming Video Server (one-time purchase funding for this may be forthcoming for this from Web Team budget; however, base budget dollars for yearly maintenance costs are still required).
  • Video File Server
  • High speed Internet-II cabling linking video servers and workstations
  • QuickTime VR tripod heads, turntables
  • The Apple PowerBook G3 received a NewMedia magazine Hyper Award as multimedia portable system of the year.

    "While the G3 chip revved up the entire Mac line, it has perhaps had the most impact on the PowerBook, where its low power requirements allowed Apple to develop the fastest notebook on the planet. Intel's Pentium II is not to be found in notebooks; things top out with the Pentium MMX 266 on the Windows side. Such a fast chip enables the PowerBook G3 to be used as a mobile video production station, as a state-of-the-art presentation machine, and even as a substitute for a desktop machine."


Health and sustainability of your unit


  • Get us OUT of the basement and closer to sunlight.
  • Reduce hours, not pay
  • Less time in office, more time at home or on the road
  • Get a PowerBook.


Major goals for next year and the next 5 years

  • Concentrate less on day to day web maintenance and more on high-end development (search engine, databases, a "smart" web, streaming video, VR)
  • Spend more time with students, Less administrative bureaucracy, more fun. Teach technology intensive Digital Media classes for credit. I need a PowerBook.
  • Move technology out of the office and support mobile computing. I need a PowerBook.
  • Ask Uncle Ira (component of TEAMS II project)

These goals support the university in several ways:

  • Not just a pretty web, not just a politically safe web, but a Usable web.
  • For all the technology at UVM, there is little high visibility showcase of this technology. Everyone loves TV; everyone loves the web. I want to put UVM TV on the web.
  • For all the technology at UVM, there is little core instruction about how to use this technology
  • Ask Uncle Ira proposes to decrease student headaches and dissatisfaction with university bureaucracy through technology




Proposed performance indicators for FY 00 - FY 04


  • Fewer "I can't find…" questions to webmaster
  • More videos (student work and mission critical) on the web
  • Fewer hours in Waterman

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